To all these single beautiful women…

It has been a while since I put my last blog online and as you might have noticed I put some of the blogs on private.  Of course this doesn’t mean that I will not take you on my journey of the last months. I will. But not today. Today I dedicate my blog to all the single women out there who were treated in a similar way I was.

To all these beautiful women, I’m proud of every one of you and I’m proud of myself. I don’t think I can express it more gently than that life kicked our ass. Although it was very hard we stood up again! We did it! We didn’t allow anything or anybody to break us! We weren’t afraid! It is a right saying that when women stick together great things can happen.

To all these beautiful women, you should not doubt yourself, because if somebody treats you unworthy something is wrong with them and not with you. Of course we all make mistakes and splitting up is normal. But when splitting up takes place without dignity that is a whole different story. Like you I also doubted myself, but over time I looked at my situation and saw clearly. It isn’t normal to be signing divorce papers one day before your baby turns one, or that an ex starts a new relationship and puts impropriate pictures on Instagram while you are still married , or that he is getting married five months after his divorce is finalised. I mean, come on, that is just not normal.

I know that a lot of you are just getting out of this relationship and you doubting yourself. Don’t. Believe me, there will come a day that you will see what happened clearly and know that this wasn’t your fault. This person is just not worth you.

To all these beautiful women, try to focus on what you have and put all your negative energy in making your life positive. Easily said than done. I still have some negative energy and sometimes I just have to take a deep breath and go forward. I know that great things are ahead of us.

It doesn’t mean you should forgive, because like me, most of you won’t, but I know we are capable of turning our negativity in something positive. 

To all the beautiful single moms, you are enough. Your baby doesn’t need both parents, it needs you. As for you, your baby is the whole world. Think about it, it’s you who wakes up in the night when your baby is ill, it’s you who walks hours in the night to rock your baby to sleep, it’s you who knows every move and knows what your baby wants, it’s you who supports your baby, it’s you who takes responsibility, it’s you who is there when your baby needs. Isn’t that amazing! Furthermore you are the biggest inspiration for your child, because you stood by your child always even when your world was upside down.

So beautiful ladies, stick together, look forward and let us show the world what we capable of!

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