Are you a single mom and worried to go alone with your baby on a holiday? Check out our tips!

Last year after my divorce I decided to take a break from everything and just go away. Soon after our trip was booked and suddenly it was the 7th of May and we were flying to Zakynthos.

Ladies obviously I was worried about going alone with my baby. Zoë couldn’t walk yet and so much things needed to be taken.

The packing?

You need to be aware that when you arrive at your destination you will have to carry your baby and the luggage on your own. My first thought was therefore to travel light. That is impossible. So once you accept that fact it gets a lot easier. We were flying with two pieces of luggage, a diaper bag,  a stroller and the bag for the stroller. I would therefore advice to ask somebody to bring you to the airport and help you with your luggage. Once the bags are checked in you will have free hands. My mom brought us and it was very helpful.  

The flight? 

I wasn’t worried about the flight as Zoë is a frequent flyer and loves it. However I understand that some children aren’t used to flying and will be crying. On one of our flight’s Zoë was crying because she was ill, I think she was about 6 months then. I tried giving her the bottle that didn’t work. The cartoons on my phone worked.  Make sure to put some cartoons on your phone. Zoë doesn’t go anywhere without her dearest teddy bear, so for sure take your baby’s favorite bear on the plane. I also taught her a game which also makes her laugh, we put our hands in the air for the whole take off and do the same once we are going down. I also always told her what was happening even when she couldn’t really understand. Sometimes you try everything and the baby won’t stop crying, really try to keep calm because you did everything what is in your power.

The arrival?

That is the most difficult part, because there isn’t anybody picking you up and you will need to carry all your luggage and baby. The first thing you need to find is a trolley. Unfortunately when I arrived at Zakynthos there was no trolley. So my second option was to put Zoë in the stroller and carry the luggage separately. But when I wanted to take my stroller it was lost. The most important tip is: do not panic and ask for help! I asked the ground personal for help. They immediately came with a trolley for the luggage and in 15 minutes the stroller was found. Our holiday could begin!

The hotel?

It is very important to find the right hotel which is suitable for your baby and you as a single mom. There are a lot of single parents holidays, which are great but most of these trips are during the school holidays. The great thing about the fact that your child isn’t going to school yet is that you can take a trip off season. I’ve never liked all- in holidays but I was very happy I decided to take this kind of holiday when I was alone with Zoë. It just makes it easier for you.  Make sure that the hotel has a baby pool, a playground, a beach with sand and check if they can provide a baby bed.


Of course you can go on excursions! Obviously they need to be suitable for your baby, most of them are not. However there always trips you can do. I found the boat and island hopping trips the most suitable for my little Zoë. I also thought climbing mountains would be great, well I would not advice to do that for sure.

You will not feel alone!

I must say I was mostly worried about the fact that everyone will be there together and only I will be there alone. Let me just say there won’t be a moment in which you will feel alone. I had experience in travelling alone as I moved alone to the other side of the world for study. I can tell you that is when you meet amazing people. The same was in this case once people knew I was a single mom they talked to me, helped us out and shared their story. Most importantly you are on holiday with your baby and you share quality time.

So single moms, don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. You can do anything, maybe it will be harder sometimes but it’s worth it!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, we travel a few times a year so we can help you out.