Catharsis (relieving of emotional tensions)

A several people asked me why I started this blog. That is why I decided to write a short blog about my purpose of writing it.

It actually started when Zoë’s and my world turned upside down. I felt so alone in my situation. It seemed like everybody had a happy family and I was the only mom in such a situation. So I decided to tell my story. Not to offend anybody but to tell all the single moms that you are not alone.

It was still a big step to actually put my own personal life online but after the first blog I knew that it was the right thing to do. I got many messages from single moms who were in the similar situation. I even got messages from women to thank me and saying that this blog is an inspiration. I finally didn’t feel alone.

I obviously know the fact that one of three marriages ends in a divorce, but still I felt like the only one with such a small baby. So once the messages started I found support in the stories of all you wonderful strong, single ladies, who try to be the best mom you can. So I decided to keep on writing my blog.

This blog turned out to be much more. It turned out to be my own catharsis. I finally found a way to process my emotional pain and the healing could begin…

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