Thank you for visiting our site!

In 2017 I unexpectedly became a single mom and after a few months I started a blog. It didn’t take long until other single parents started writing me and sharing their story. Thank you so much for your trust and openness. I’m so proud of all of you.

I didn’t write my blog on a regular basis and after changing jobs, finding a new house,  I also decided to change this. My blog turned in to a weekly column. In this column I take you on my journey as a single mom with funny and less funny stories.

I also felt there was a need for a webshop in which the goods are designed for single parents. Our shop will therefore open soon.  

Before you read our columns, quotes and blogs and check out our webshop, let me introduce Zoë and myself.

Zoë was born on the 10th of March 2017. She is a cute, little girl with a strong personality. She goes to dancing class, music class and to swimming lesson. A very active two year old. I’m proud to be her mum and I’m completely crazy about her.

I’m Paulina, 32 years old and work as a lawyer. I work fulltime but try to invest all the free time that I have to be with my little girl. We both love travelling and we visited a lot of countries together. I’m ambitious and will do everything to achieve my goal. And after I became a single mom I now know more than ever that nobody can break me down.

Have fun on our website,

Lots of love,

Paulina & Zoë