On an evening I was out with my friends and after some wine we talked about my situation. Months of crying and being sad passed and I needed to make a change. On that night I finally saw my situation in a different perspective. I decided not to feel sorry for myself but to celebrate that I was finally free. So a lot ideas crossed our minds that night, on how to celebrate this divorce. I decided to start with a divorce photoshoot in which I would trash my dress (not the real one), celebrate my freedom have some booze and many, many laughs with my best friends. It felt great to finally be able to look at this situation in such a positive way.

The road to this stage however was one that was very bumpy. When your ex-husband leaves you when your daughter is six months old it’s just hard. Made harder by the fact that my ex didn’t help us in any way and his unlimited lies. The inappropriate pictures with his new wife. Yes he got married five months after his divorce and is becoming a “father” again this summer. The inappropriate comments from his family and how proud he is on what he have done. Let’s just say it couldn’t be any other way than difficult.

But how great I felt that I overcame this and got on with my life.

The 3rd of November, the day of my photoshoot. My best friends, the photographer and I met near a lake. As the pictures were made outside and is was so far in the year I was quite afraid of what the weather would do.  But when we arrived the sun started to shine and it became an Indian summer day. We made pictures with wine, with balloons and in the water. During these last pictures in which I was floating in the water I literally felt free.

Ladies, if you been through a hell of a road I would advise a divorce photoshoot in which you can celebrate your freedom with your best friends. Celebrate that you overcame this and don’t let one asshole change the way you feel about men in general, but mostly about yourself. You didn’t deserve this and karma will find its way!